Thursday, December 01, 2005

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Says You're Ignorant

To continue Bush's campaign to drag his poll numbers up General Peter Pace, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told us that the reason we don't worship at the feet of our president is because we just don't know what is going on.

And he isn't even going to tell us. Not unlike the pathetic paid right wing message boarders he calls us ignorant and then won't prove what we are supposedly ignorant of.

Go look it up yourselves, they say and so implies General Pace.

We must stop the insurgents, he continues. They want to ruin our way of life.

Oops, shouldn't have said that, Sir.

You mean they want to stop us from having to work 10-12 hours a day and then join a jam of cars in a torturous commute to and from work, try to get something decent on the table, but the kids have eaten cause it's 7:30 and the spouse is too sick to look at it, let alone eat it once he or she comes dragging in the door. Then with our free time we can watch TV programs actually designed by business people (yes, they are) with the intention of getting people to shop (that is why current TV is so miserable). Fall into the bed that we dread because at the other end of sleep is another miserable day of the same thing. Over the weekend we run helter skelter to kids games and practices, and the home improvement store to keep the house in shape and then Monday we get to start all over at that. Your Christians just insert your church going in there and you'll get the same thing.

Sir, don't threaten us with the destruction of our way of life. It won't work.

BTW, what was that in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast? Our own government's slow actions destroyed the way of life including many lives themselves for millions of people.

And what did we do to Iraq? I read their blogs. Their ways of life are trashed!

Tell us we will get our throats slit or something (though its highly unlikely if we stop bashing the hornet's nest), but don't even mention the destruction of our way of life. You might get a response that you don't want.

Analysts are assuring us that Bush is seeking to invade other countries in his so called war on terrorism though everything that the same analysts warned would go wrong in Iraq did go wrong. That looks like a pretty good way to ruin our 'way of life' as the American family gets smothered in the Commander in Chief's war debt.

Our way of life is for the middle class to pay higher and higher bills while Bush carries on his jolly invasions.

Nope, you need a different subject, right now. That one is so "pre Invasion of Iraq".

Our actions in Iraq have actually increased the possibilities of blowback terrorism. Meanwhile, apparently Congress cut off airline safety training. The CIA reports bigger and better terrorist camps in the land of our occupation than those in Afghanistan before 911.

This war is crippling our forces as your predecessor also told Congress in a classified report. I guess that's why he's your predecessor. No one who doesn't spout the party line need apply these days.

My question is, why is the American taxpayer footing the bill for this obviously political campaign for poll numbers and war approval (which was translated in the past few years into submission by even objecting Republicans and some Democrats to passing extreme ideologically right wing bills? Why do we have to pay for the "Save Bush" charade?


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