Monday, December 05, 2005

D@#$ It FEMA! Don't make us get the Flying Monkeys!

Or Kanye West even better!

I lost my business. I lost my home. We need everything," said Steven Reed, 37, a graphics designer who was commuting seven hours from Tyler, in East Texas, where he was living with his family at the Baptist Church of Gresham.

"I keep having to bring them more paperwork," Mr. Reed said. "They ask for paperwork. But the paper is at the house. And the house was under eight feet of water."

A father of four, Mr. Reed said he lost thousands of dollars' worth of equipment - computers and lenses.

"The whole society is not understanding what a disaster it was," he said. "You're waking up in the morning with no tissues, no toothpaste, no nothing. Right now, if I took any person in America, and say, 'This is not your house any more.' " He paused, adding, "How do you expect me to function?"

Wearying Wait for Federal Aid in New Orleans

So there's another report on the slowness of the FEMA response to the needs of the people of New Orleans.

FEMA's now run by Duct Tape Man (the idiot who came up with the idea of using plastic and duct tape on an interior bathroom in case of chemical attack). Gulf Coast Rebuilding is run by an extremely rich Texan.

Why does that sound like a recipe for nothing done for the average person?

Washington Post Editorial on the subject.

In the past FEMA has risen to the occasion and helped individual communities recover from smaller disasters. But a lot more is needed from the nation's main disaster response agency than what it has produced so far.

Are they treating the victims of Katrina differently than previous disasters? That would be very sad, but not totally unexpected.

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