Sunday, December 04, 2005

New Orleans Mayor begs people to come back

Nagin, the New Orleans Mayor, begged displaced people in Atlanta who had gathered at Morehouse College to come home.

"I miss y'all," Mayor C. Ray Nagin told more than 2,200 people temporarily living in the Atlanta area. "I want y'all back in the city of New Orleans. Red beans and rice just ain't the same without you. I want you back."

But in a three-hour session marked by tears and outbursts, the response was not encouraging. "Come home?" many yelled back. "To what?"

The response says everything. The New Orleans problem is not something that can be fixed by the people and government of the city or the state themselves.

New Orleans is the most important port in the United States. The way the city and indeed the entire Gulf region has been put on the back burner by the Bush administration should be brought up in front of all Americans over and over again.

I was reading yesterday how New Orleans has been virtually abandoned by the Bush administration. I will go back and get those articles and bring them here.

New Orleans Mayor Beseeches Residents To Return to Their City


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