Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What is the real price of propaganda?

Ms. Propaganda specialist (Cheney's can you imagine a personality so twisted that he or she* is Cheney's propagandist?) Mary Matlin says as long as the stories are accurate it's okay.

This from the the most administration with the worst record on accuracy in since the teapot dome incident.

But now I guess we can see their thinking. Once school somewhere was rebuilt and the story on that can be repeated 1500 times. That gives the perception that 1500 schools were rebuilt.

I'm glad Alter brought up the "Rendon group" case because the article he's talking about not only showed that Judith Miller's sources were bum, but that the slightest check of any contacts she claimed to know in intelligence circles could have shown that they were bum. Apparently her contact was Libby, who, of course worked for Cheney. (See beginning of my current post).

No wonder that Frank Rich reports that
INDEED it's reporters who didn't have top-level access to the likes of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney* with 'inside information' aka 'talking points'who have gotten the Iraq story right.

*I would include access to the daily conference calls and emails from the White House and RNC in that bad access. They pass on nonthreatening 'insider tips' and much right wing propaganda. You could tell if you have the eye who they are. Many of them are columnists or bloggers that have been able to jump into the big time because of their "connections" to the Republican koolaid. They get nonthreatening silly stories about Republicans and their families, like the BS the White House made up about a British or was it German jet that saw the president's AF1 on its trip to show a fake but delicious looking turkey in front of troops that were going to get some slop for dinner in November 2003. The incident was planned far enough before hand that manufactured pins with a representation of AF1 and the words "Did I just see AF1?" were on sale at the Prairie Chapel gift shop the afternoon of the day that the incident supposedly took place. "News men and women" getting such insider info and talking points from the White House political office and the RNC

I think the point we need to see here is that the White House is very happy using lies against the world, against Americans. Basically, they are trying to remove those from the administration that do not want a non transparent regime, which Bush people happily lable 'dictatorship' in other countries, the in control in DC.

The Real Price of Propaganda


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